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Director & Scriptwriter: Ebrahim Mokhtari- Keyvan Kiani

Cinematography: Ataollah Hayati Farhad Saba

Sound: Alireza Kermani - Mahmood Sammakbashi

Editor: Parichehr Momtahen

Producer: IRIB

Documentary, 16mm, color, 48 min, 1982.



Housing problems in Tehran in the first few years after the revolution. The film shows the fierce everyday confrontations between landlords and tenants who can no longer pay the rent. Women and children complain about the intolerable social conditions. They criticize the law of landlord and tenant passed before the revolution. The film is outstanding for its accurate reflection of social reality. It publicizes private misery and thus breaks with social tradition, which forbids discussion of personal problems.  



Leipzig film festival, Germany, November 1997.



 Copyright Ebrahim Mokhtari. all rights reserved.