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Director’s statement:



Director & Editor: Ebrahim Mokhtari

Camera: Reza Jalali

Sound: Morteza Dehnavi

Production manager: Afsar Nazari

Producer:  Playfilm - Ebrahim Mokhtari

 Documentary, Beta cam SP, 48 min, color, 1999.




 A woman owned a cow.  She was extremely fond of feeding it, fetch grass from a long way off. One day her children secretly decided to sell the animal to overcome her grief. She started to paint pictures on anything she could find on walls of house, pumpkins, fridge door …On his monthly visits from Tehran, her son brought her paper & paint and the old woman painted away tirelessly. All her pictures recount her story. As well as that of her husband’s other wives and the village woman. They portray the daily life of the married women. Their work, the imaginary world of this woman turned painter mingles with reality.

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- First prize of professional category at Trace de vies- Clermond Ferrand (France, Nov. 1999).

- Certificate of Merit at the 43rd San Francisco International Film Festival (San Francisco, May 2000).

- Golden Dhow  of Zanzibar film festival (Tanzania, July 2000).



 1)  Cinema Du Reel film festival (Paris, March 1999)

 2)  International Short Film Festival (Poland, 1999).

Sheffield film festival (England, Oct.1999).

4)  Leipzig film festival (Germany, Oct.1999).

5)  Viennale international film festival (Vienna, Oct.2000).

6)  IDFA (Amsterdam, Nov1999).

 7)  Filmer a tout prix film festival, (Belgium, Nov.2000).

8)  Ecrans documentary de Gentilly (France, Nov 2000).


 9)  Festival of films from Iran (Boston,Nov. 2000).

Vesoul Film Festival (6- 13 Feb 2001, France).

Festival du film d’art Montral (13-18 March 2001).

12) Freiburger Film Forum ,a biannual documentary festival,   

     (22-27 May 2001, Germany).




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