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Director’s statement:

Girls in the villages of Hormozgan Province coast of the Persian Gulf, usually cover their face with a black mask so that no one can see them face except their close relatives in the privacy of their homes.

Zinat , an experimental health care servicewoman at Salakh village of Queshm Island , had to take her mask off and wear  nursing uniform in 1985 when she decided to became a registered nurse. She is the only woman in Queshm Island who removed her face cover. She is also the first woman islander working outside her home. Her character provided the motivation for the making of the movie Zinat. I was still curious about her when I found out that she has nominated herself for the village council of Salakh village. The elections were held on 26 February 1999, when for the first time in the course of social developments in Iran plebiscites are to be held for the village and city councils, elections that were to play an essential role in the shifting for power and restoration of democracy in Iran. Another characteristic of the elections was that there were women nominees. To me, Zinat as the only female nominee in Salakh was an example of such a presence. So, I decided to make a documentary on video in this subjecy.  On the election day, the camera being trapped in Zinat’s house witnesses events disputes and arguments which showes  



Zinat is the first woman from the Island of Qeshm in the south of Iran to remove the traditional veil (Boregheh) worn in this region in order to work as a nurse. She became the Director of the village health clinic 13 years ago, and then became involved in social and political activities. On the 26th of February, 1999, she presents herself as a candidate in the local elections organized in Iran under the direction of President Khatami. Since it was forbidden to film in public the day of the elections. Mokhtari installs his camera in Zinat's house and records the positive and negative reactions expressed by Zinat's visitors, in particular on the subject of the woman's place in Iranian society. She wins the most votes in her village. The following day, the elections over, Mokhtari shows the village and the daily life of its habitants and presents Zinat's intentions, as a newly elected representative, to improve the living conditions of her fellow villagers.



Director & Editor: Ebrahim Mokhtari

Camera: Farzin Khosroshahi

Sound: Mehran Malakooti

Production manager: Afsar Nazari

Producer:  Playfilm - Ebrahim Mokhtari

Documentary, Beta cam SP, 53 min, color, 2000.




- "ZINAT ,une journée particuliére" by Agnés Bozon-Verduraz





- Jury Special Mention at the 22nd Cinema De Reel International Film Festival (Paris, March 2000).

    - Prize of Pierre Alain Donnier at 17th North-South Media Festival (Geneva, March 2001).

- Jury Special mention at the 17th North-South Media Festival (Geneva, April 2001).

- The Special Award from the International jury of Academia film Olomouc(The Czech Republic, 2-10 April 2001). 



1) Cinema Du Reel international Film Festival (France, May 2000).

2) Visions Du Reel international Film Festival (Switzerland, May 2000).

3) Viennale international Film Festival (Vienna, Oct.2000).

4) Sheffield international Film Festival (England, Oct.2000).

5) Leipzig international Film Festival (Oct.2000).

6) Filmer a tout prix international Film Festival, (Belgium, Nov.2000).

7) IDFA (Amsterdam, Nov.2000).

8) Margaret Mead international Film Festival (New York, Nov.2000).

9) Popoli international Film Festival (Italy, Nov 2000).

10) Ecrans documentaries de Gentilly(France, Nov.2000). 

11) Festival of Festivals (Denmark, Oct.2000).

12) Danish Film Institute (Denmark, Nov.2000).

13) Trace de vies- Clermond Ferrand(France, Nov. 2000). 

14) Encontros International Cinema Documentary (Portugal, Nov.2000).

15) Gotteborg International Film Festival, (Sweden 26 January- 4 February).

16) Vesoul international Film Festival (6- 13 Feb 2001, France).

17) The 17th North-South Media Festival (Geneva, 26-30 March 2001).

18) Academia Film Olomouc (Czech Republic, 2-10 April).

19) Freiburger Film Forum, a biannual documentary festival,(Germany 22-27 May 2001, ).

20) Amnesty International Filmfestival ( March 201, Netherlands).

21) Jakarta International international Film Festival (26 October - 10 November 2001).

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