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Touba is a retarded young girl whom some say will get better after marriage. In hope of amelioration, they make her marry. Her husband shows her Touba the time of his leaving and arriving home. Touba gradually gets used to her husband and manages to cook and do the household chores. But her husband who is disappointed with her betterment, leaves her. That day, Touba does all the chores and sits in fromt of the clock at the time her husband is supposed to come. He does not appear. Touba can not believe it. She is becomes stressed, crying and yelling, she tries to stop the time.

short fiction, 16mm, 30 Min., B&W

– Prize of Best 16mm Film at the 5th National Sepaas Film Festival (Tehran, 1972);
– The Honorable Mention by the Press at the Cinestud, International Festival of Student-Made Films Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 1973).

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