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Special Years; Failures and Successes in Documentary Making

Ebrahim Mokhtari, 2017, Cheshmeh pub., 152 pages.

I experienced a type of social documentary making in several films that through scattered realities, tries to reach its hypothetical truth or truth more authentic than its hypothesis. And form the film with those realities in a way that is expressive of such truth. I have employed this method the most in making films of three real characters.
It was during the screening sessions of these films that I came to the idea of writing this book. Questions asked after film screen sometimes reminded me of a memory which faded away an hour after the session in the rush of daily work and routines, but came back to my mind in some similar way again in another screening session. When it happened several times, I founded out that these memories resist against passing of time and that the reason why I turned to them for explaining a subject, was that they had a share of truth. They were various memories, from personal, familial, social to aesthetical, and all were in touch with my profession. I have not written them at once, from the time I decided to write, I knew they would return to my mind, So I waited and in occasions they appeared, I documented them as they emerged.

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