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Zinat is a young girl who lives in a traditional society in south of Iran. She faces her family’s severe disapproval of her desire thus inevitably she
does as they wish, but…

Feature Film, 35mm, 82 Min., Color

the Critics Week Section of Cannes `94.
10th Saint-Therese-Laurentid International Film Festival ,Canada, 1994.
12th Fajr Iinternational Film Festival, Iran, 1994.
39th Valladolid international film festival, Spain 1994.
32thViennale international film festival, Austria 1994.
18th Montreal international film festival, Canada 1994.
21st Felanders international film festival, Belgium 1994.
10th Rio de cinema international film festival, Brazil 1994.
Belfort international film festival, France 1994.
12th Anoni international film festival, France 1995.
38th London international film festival, England 1995.
festival international de Cinema Do Porto, Portugal 1995.
44th Melbourne international film festival, Australia 1995.
19th Hong Kong international film festival, 1995.
Cinema Novo film festival.Belgum, 1995.
13th River Town international film festival, America 1995.
17th Durban international film festival, Southern Africa 1995.
Brisban International film festival, Australia, 1995.
Boston Musume of Art, America, 1995.
New york Musume of Modern Art, America, 1995.
Chikago Film Center, America,1995.
Berkly University, America,1996.
Iranian film Festival in Torento, Canada, 1996.
Vesoul Film Festival , France, 1996.
Bolonia International Film Festival, Italy, 1997.
20th Moscow Film Festival, Russia, 1997.
Film Festival Turnout, Belgium 1997.
20th Moscow international filmfestival, 1997.
Bolonia International filmfestival,Italy, 1997.
Iranian Film Festival in New Dehli, India, 1998.
Lussas film festival,France, Augest 2005.
Film Archive, Austria,2006.
17th Jihlava International Documentary filmfestival. Czech republic.2013

– Prize of Best Feature Film at the 10th Saint-Therese-Laurentid International
Film Festival (Canada, 1994);
– Best Film at the 8th Rural Art & Literature Festival (Iran, 1995);
-Public Prize at the Filmfestival Turnhout, Belgium 1997.

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