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Leaf of Life

Leaf of Life is the story of a man making effort to reach his will but when he does, it has no value for him any more. Thus he changes his path of life, but…

Fiction Film, 2016. 85min, color.


FReDD Festival.Toulouse,France.April 2018.

Festival and Congress Center Varna.2018.

Asia Pacific Film Festival, Screen Awards.2018

Third Eye, 17th Asian Film Festival,13-20 December 2018,Mumbai.

th 11st to November 13from October Asian Film Festival Barcelona, The,8102

23 rd SOFIA International Film Festival,Middle East & North Africa,7-17 March 2019,Bulgaristan.

Jan – 9102 ,01Jan Dhaka International Film Festival, 9102Bangladesh.,9102 ,81


The best film of Green international film festival. Iran. 2017.

INALCO Prize of Vesoul Film festival,France.Feb 2018.

The best film of Asia Tourism-Induced Film & TV Arts Week, July 2018.

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