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Rendezvous with Mokarrameh

Rendezvous with Mokarrameh, Documentary, 24min , Color,2010.
Eye film institut, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2010.

After Mokarrameh’s death, her children and lovers decided to bury her in her own house and keep the house as it were. Her reputation continued after her death and every year on her birthday her lovers come to her house and watch the paintings on the walls and doors and spend the day enjoying and chatting in that ambience.
I, as a lover of Mokarrameh go to Darikandeh, and film the people who make Darikandeh a Rendezvous with Mokarrameh.
Rendezvous with Mokarrameh is a documentary report of such rendezvous that has been filmed about ten years after the film “Mokarrameh: Memories and Dreams”.

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