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Zinat; one spesial day

Zinat; one spesial day

Documentary, color, 53 min,2000. English and French subtitles
Zinat is the first woman from the Island of Qeshm in the south of Iran to remove the traditional veil (Boregheh) worn in this region in order to work as a health care worker. She became the Director of the village health clinic, and then became involved in social activities. She presents herself as a candidate in the local elections organized in Iran.

Director & Editor: Ebrahim Mokhtari
Camera: Farzin Khosroshahi
Sound recorder: Mehran Malakooti
Director asisstant: Alireza Ansarian
Production manager: Afsar Nazari
Sound & Mix : Mojtaba Mirtahmasb


Jury Special Mention at the 22nd Cinema De Reel International Film Festival (Paris, March 2000).

Prize of Pierre Alain Donnier at 17th North-South Media Festival (Geneva, March 2001). Special mention from the jury at the 17th North-South Media Festival (Geneva, April 2001).

Jury Special Award at the Academia film Olomouc (The Czech Republic, 2-10 April 2001).

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